Mastermind Work Day - 6 Hr One On One Strategic Business Planning $5K


Board meetings are 6 hours (one session) of One-On-One coaching designed for founders who are in year two or more of their business and they've grossed six figures or more in annual revenue.

It's also for public figures and or influencers who have a sizable social media following (3000 followers or more on IG) and need a strategy to monetize their influence.

In 6 hrs we can work on multiple touch points for your brand.

  • We can Define Your niche and market differentiation by solidifying your brand story and brand positioning.
  • We can carve out a strategy for you to build authority and influence in your niche for yourself as an individual or for your product based business.
  • We can evaluate your product offering and pricing and Develop a 12 month sales and/or marketing strategy.
  • We can discuss strategy and ideas for developing digital offers to increase revenue. 
  • We  can work on a 12 month marketing/sales funnel strategy.
  • We can work on your brands infrastructure by reviewing and streamlining your systems, workflow and SOP's. 

This does  NOT include follow ups, if a follow up is needed, it will need to be booked separately.

The Board Meeting is for you if you:

  • Are a founder in year two or more of your business and you've grossed six figures or more in annual revenue.
  • You are a public figure and/or influencers who has a sizable social media (3000 followers or more) or other public platform and need a strategy to monetize your influence.
  • You needs to restructure and/or rebrand
  • You can't get past a certain revenue marker and need a  strategy to increase revenue and scale
  • You need to plan out marketing, campaign and sales strategies for the year. 

This offer is NOT for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Founders who have made less than $100k in sales in a single year
  • Public figures/influencers who don't have a sizable professional following of 3000 or more IG followers.

If you fall under any of these categories please consider joining our group coaching community. 

Only 4 Board Meeting Sessions are available per month.

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